Action for an Equitable and Healthy Net Zero Carbon Built Environment

Carbon Smart Building Day was a day-long conference in San Francisco on September 11, 2018, affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit.

The conference was designed to inspire building industry professionals to lead the built environment toward Net Zero Carbon, and equip them with the latest tools, resources and programs to help firms thrive in a Net Zero Carbon future. It was attended by architects, structural engineers, contractors, real estate developers, materials manufacturers and policy makers who aspire to reduce the carbon footprint of their projects and make the building industry a big part of the solution to climate change.

Why: The built environment is the largest contributor to climate change. It can become a massive carbon sink and source for good if building industry professionals collaborate effectively to make new buildings zero net carbon in their materials, construction and operation, retrofit existing buildings to be carbon neutral in their operation, and ensure that the built environment fosters healthy, thriving communities.

The Global Climate Action Summit was an opportunity to bring together the diverse threads of a global movement to create a thriving, regenerative building industry that can help solve our most pressing challenges.

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