Related Events at the Summit

The following events are officially affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit:

Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC): Towards a Zero-emission, Efficient, and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector - Local Government Action from Around the World.

September 14, 2018, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

AutoDesk Gallery, One Market, Floor 2, San Francisco, CA 94105

One of the key building blocks to transitioning to sustainable buildings consists in assertive implementation and enforcement of building energy codes globally. Over half of new buildings expected to exist in 2060 will be constructed in the next 20 years, two thirds in countries without mandatory building energy codes. Even today nearly two-thirds of countries do not have mandatory building energy codes in place today. However, many local governments are front runners in ambitious building legislation including building codes and certification. This event will focus on showcasing ambitious local government action towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector in line with a well-below 2-Degree Celsius scenario outlined in the Paris Agreement. The event centres on ambitious city and region legislation, especially regarding building codes and certification. It will also emphasize links between local government action and a given country’s NDC as well as links to key recommendations and actions outlined in the GlobalABC Roadmap: 1) Urban Planning Policies for Energy Efficiency and Renewables; 2) Improve performance of existing buildings; 3) Achieve net-zero operating emissions; 4) Improve energy management of all buildings; 5) Decarbonize building energy; 6) Reduce embodied energy and emissions; 7) Reduce energy demand from appliances; 8) Upgrade adaptation; and 9) Increase awareness.

Buy Clean: How Governments and Companies Can Use Procurement to Close the Carbon Loophole

September 12, 2018, 9:00am - 12:30pm

Google Community Space, 188 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, 94105

Government policy makers, corporate champions, and other leaders will announce and explore plans to Buy Clean. The event will focus on how government and corporate supply chain procurement policies can allow organizations to align their buying with their climate ambitions while closing the carbon loophole and addressing the entirety of their carbon footprint.

Climate Heritage Mobilization

September 12- 13, 9:00am - 6:30pm

California Historical Society, 678 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

In conjunction with national and international partners, the CHM will mobilize the cultural heritage and historic preservation sectors for climate action in support of the COP 21 Paris Agreement and will map to the major themes of the Paris Agreement, with national and international experts speaking on topics like:  “Carbon Mitigation and Cultural Heritage: Using City and Regional Heritage Policies to Help Put Communities on the Road to Net Zero”. It will also launch a new Climate Heritage Network, a mutual support network of city, state/provincial, regional and tribal historic preservation offices (together with  related NGOs, universities and other organizations) committed to aiding their jurisdictions in achieving the climate change-tackling ambitions of the Paris Agreement. The CHN will carry the global work of this Mobilization event into the future.

Carbon Tax Forum: U.S. Business Case for a Carbon Tax

September 13, 2018, 1:00pm - 5:30pm, followed by a reception

Gap, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco

Climate change is wreaking havoc on the U.S. and global economy. GDP lost to climate change will likely reach $44 trillion by 2060 (Citigroup.) While many firms are already engaged, government action at the federal and state level is also needed. Many conservatives and progressives agree: a carbon tax would reduce GHG pollution, internalize the cost of pollution, stimulate our economy, and help all Americans. A tax on each ton of carbon emissions is a market-based, foundational and simple solution. This ½-day Forum will feature such major companies as: Exelon, Steelcase, Gap as well as state legislators, the World Resources Institute, Climate Action Business Association, Business Climate Leaders and the Climate Leadership Council. The Forum will analyze different carbon tax proposals, highlight current efforts to price carbon in the states and nationally, and discuss best practices for climate advocacy. Attendees will include elected officials, businesses, foundations, economists, students, environmental and social justice advocacy organizations from the Left and Right will participate. Media are welcome. Please register in advance. Questions? Contact Richard Eidlin

Cities4Climate Innovation Workshop

Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 8:00am - Noon

The Cities4Climate Innovation Workshop is an intimate, invite-only, official affiliate event. It will bring together a very select group of high profile mayors, leading innovators, and corporate technology and NGO leaders to create, then publicly announce, a shared vision and commitment for women-focused innovation in cities. The Autodesk | C40 partnership supports the GCAS Sustainable Communities Challenge Area and the C40 Women4Climate and Tech Challenge Initiatives. The workshop will focus on innovation challenges and solutions in these key areas: 1) Net Zero Carbon Buildings—energy efficiency, low carbon materials, renewable energy optimization, carbon negative building; 2) Sustainable Transportation/Green Mobility—creating zero emissions zones in city centers through innovation in transportation and city planning; 3) Resilient Cities—water security, flooding, sea-level rise, strengthening infrastructure. The goal is to create ongoing collaboration and momentum to develop truly resilient places, led by women. BY INVITATION ONLY.

Real Estate Responds to the Climate Challenge

Strategies for real estate owners to achieve significant carbon reductions in their existing portfolios

At the Global Climate Action Summit, companies from a range of industries are making and reaffirming ambitious climate mitigation goals. To achieve these goals, they will have to work closely with the companies that own, manage, and finance the construction of their buildings.  Thankfully, many real estate companies are already taking bold steps in energy efficiency, green building, and climate mitigation.

This panel will share examples of how their companies are tackling climate mitigation at the asset-level scale, the city scale, the portfolio scale, and in their real estate investment decision-making process. Light refreshments will be provided.

This event, free for ULI members and open to nonmembers, is organized by Urban Land Institute, with support from the U.S. Green Building Council, the World Green Building Council, and the Building Owners and Managers Association.