Rachel Bentham


Bentham is a poet and novelist from Bristol, England, widely published in the small press. Her stories and dramas are often broadcast on the BBC. Here, she delivers "News from Iraq," and "War"  in the film "Voices in Wartime."


News from Iraq

Mars’ bloodshot gaze
considers the ‘peace’ –
more soldiers killed
than during the war.



War--the concise version

contention between people
                       this is how we begin  
specific conflicts
armed hostilities

the “art of war”
                - it’s certainly not a science, is it?
                but doesn’t art create?

strategy and tactics
been in the wars?

war baby
war bride
war crime                   that which violates
international laws of war...                        
                            as if laws are effective
                            in wartime.

war cry
war of attrition
war of nerves
war grave

war weary, just hearing the words.