About Carbon Smart Building 

Carbon Smart Building Day is part of a collective impact initiative intended to convert the built environment from a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to a significant part of the solution to climate change.

Our vision depends on designing and constructing highly efficient new buildings, retrofitting existing buildings, reducing embodied carbon emissions from building construction, and using carbon as a significant material component in buildings. To do so requires a level of market transformation and system-wide collaboration beyond the capacity of any individual organization, business consortium, standards body, or policy maker. The solution requires a global collective impact initiative involving many partners, accelerating change in many different areas, from carbon analysis in buildings to supply chain evolution, and materials development to public policy, until building to store carbon becomes common practice worldwide.

Carbon Smart Building is a broad-based collaboration of companies, NGOs, and governments across the global building industry. In its early stages, Carbon Smart Building is being incubated by the Carbon Leadership Forum at the University of Washington, and by Carbon Innovations, a business consultancy focused on business-based solutions to climate change.