Inspiration and Action for an Equitable, Zero-Emission, Energy Efficient, Resilient, and Healthy Built Environment

A conference for building professionals supporting the Global Climate Action Summit

Climate change is a threat to people, species and the planet.  As carbon emissions increase, environments become untenable, causing illness, death, and extinction, and low-income communities are hardest hit.  Decarbonizing the built environment is key to reversing these harmful trends.

We envision a thriving global built environment that fosters healthy, just, and equitable communities and economies that has tools to safely store tons of carbon in the built environment, makes new and existing buildings carbon neutral in their operations, and facilitates a built environment that is restorative and regenerative.

Building industry stakeholders are collaborating to demonstrate that ambitious goals are both technically achievable and economically viable.

The Global Climate Action Summit will be an opportunity to bring together the diverse threads of a global movement to create a thriving, regenerative building industry that can help solve our most pressing challenges.